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Powered Access

Chery Picker Trucks

These trucks, also known as boom lifts or aerial work platforms, stand as the optimal solution for projects requiring extended reach over tall structures or access to challenging areas, even within tight urban streets.

Articulated Booms

Articulated Booms consist of a number of jointed sections and are incredibly versatile. They can be positioned so they provide the operator with access ‘up and over’ buildings.

Telescopic Booms

Our Telescopic Booms can reach a maximum working height of 92 feet, are self-propelled, diesel-powered and four-wheel drive.

Our Cranes

Mobile Cranes

Our large fleet of machines means we can be flexible in our approach to customers' needs as well as being efficient, working in a wide range of environments. Our focus is on customer service, reliability, and safety.

Mobile Tower Cranes

These mobile construction cranes or mobile tower cranes are ideal for jobs requiring a long outreach over a high building from a narrow street.

Spider Cranes

Spider cranes or mini crawler cranes are a popular choice for glazing specialists, railway contractors and domestic lifting projects. Spider cranes are compact and maneuverable.

Handling Material

Telehandler Forklift

All machines can operate with various attachments including pallet forks, muck grabs or buckets. They are all-wheel-steer and all-wheel-drive.

Rotating Telehandlers

By combining the capabilities of three machines in one (telescopic handler, winch and aerial work platform), these Manitou and Magni rotating telehandlers are versatile machines that maintain precise control over your loads, thanks to their pentagonal boom section and exceptional 360° visibility.

Tracked Carriers

These tracked carriers are equipped with a flat bed and wide rubber tracks which enables them to access areas where the ground is soft or boggy and that would be inaccessible to a normal vehicle. These carriers are also fitted with a lorry loader crane with a 6000kg capacity.

Transport Material

Lowbed 3-T-80T

Lowbed trailers/trucks have high yield strength, more durable and stronger than ordinary steel, and its loading capacity is 5 times more than the low loader which is built by Q345 steel.

Tipper Trucks

Whether you are looking for a Steel Body Tipper for heavy construction use, or for a Alloy Body Tipper for the transport of lighter aggregates, and farm produce, we will have a make and model to suit your requirements.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are available in several forms, including the more common standard and semitrailer dump trucks as well as side-dump and bottom-dump models. The standard dump truck has a truck chassis with a hydraulic hoist beneath a dump body that’s mounted to the frame.

Earth Moving Material


These versatile mobile bulldozers serve as optimal solutions for construction projects requiring extensive reach and maneuverability within confined spaces. Particularly effective in environments with limited access, these bulldozers demonstrate exceptional navigation capabilities in narrow areas.

Compactor Road Rollers

Self-propelled, full-hydraulic vibratory roller, featuring big exciting force, high compaction efficiency and good compaction quality. It is used mainly for compaction operation of base coarse, sub-base coarse, stone filling of high-speed railway, high-grade highway, airport, harbor, dams and industrial construction sites.

Water Bowsers

Especially suitable for the municipal administration environmental sanitation department, the large-scale industry and mining enterprise.

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